Texam - Macro

Macro Wallcovering

Macro has an amazing technique that gives a three-dimensional effect of artistic hand engraving. Macro is a true revolution in the fashion trend of decorative panels. It can be used in single images for some designs, like Flower and Taraxacum, or repeated indefinitely, for designs like Leaves and foil. The 18 images are sculptured in a 3 layer non-woven support. The 6 colors have been carefully selected to match perfectly with the image and to offer an harmonic set of chromatic worth, suitable for a great variety of projects of interior decoration. This product has a small sound absorption and a characteristic of its huge designs, is the quality of the seams once applied in the wall. If you are changing home, take Macro with you. The thickness of the material allows to apply and then remove the panels for applying them once more in a new wall.