NEOCEMENT is an innovative system inspired by Moroccan Tadelakt especially engineered for wall and floor seamless finishes. It consists of premium quality tri-component multipurpose decorative topping designed for resurfacing existing or degraded floorings, giving them the look and feel of new concrete. Neocement can also be colored and stained to achieve completely customizable and unique decorative effects on a multitude of surfaces such as concrete, wood, metal, marble, granite, ceramic tiles and even glass, providing interior designers with a wide array of bespoke and modern finishes options such as:


  • Concrete wall and floor finishes, which allows the design to extend from the floor to the walls and even ceilings.
  • Degraded surfaces restoration, allowing for cost reduction by eliminating the need to deal with waste removal.
  • Light concrete furniture by applying Neocement on furniture built from wood and metal.
  • Bespoke finishes, through the use of stencils to custom art and graphics integrally in the floor finish.
  • Self-crosslinking resin
  • High strength with impact and abrasion resistance
  • Antistatic and fire resistance
  • Moisture vapor permeable and excellent water resistance
  • Protects against penetration of water, chlorides & CO2
  • Superior adhesion properties
  • Flexible flooring
  • Low VOC Technology
  • Seamless flooring option
  • Extends lifecycle appearance of concrete
  • Extensive choice of colors, textures and patterns