Oxibond 4006


OXIBOND 4006 is a solvent-based protecting paint, which forms a siloxane film when applied over a surface, preventing moisture from penetrating the treated surface.

  • No lead
  • Non-toxic
  • A premium quality water & damp repellent by capillary action
  • Does not change the substrate’s natural porosity and look
  • Prevents rain and run-off water penetrating walls and facades, whilst allowing substrates to breath
  • Compatible with most aqueous dispersion type paints (prior testing preferred)
  • Outstanding resistance to aging agents (freeze, UV) due to the Siloxane bonds that form with the substrate’s reactive groups
  • Quick drying on all neutral & alkaline substrates, the Beading effect is noticeable within few hours of application
  • Excellent penetration power in all standard materials