Oxibond 4250


OXIBOND 4250® is a premium, liquid-applied, highly permanent elastic, cold applied and cold curing, one component polyurethane membrane used for long-lasting waterproofing. OXIBOND 4250® is based on pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resins, which result in excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal, UV and natural element resistance properties. OXIBOND 4250®cures by reaction with ground and air moisture.

  • White color
  • When applied, forms a seamless membrane without joints or leak possibilities
  • Resistance to water
  • Crack-bridging up to 2mm, even at -10o c
  • Maintenance of it’s mechanical properties, over a temperature span of -30°C to +90°C
  • Provides water vapor permeability
  • Provides full surface adhesion
  • Provides sun reflectivity, contributing to thermal insulation
  • Provides anti-root properties
  • The waterproofed surface can be used for medium to heavy pedestrian traffic, when using Oxibond 4420 as the final top coat
  • Resistant to detergents, oils and common chemicals
  • Easy local repair, if the membrane is mechanically damaged